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Overview Unfinished

Site Functionality

  • Have images automatically have a black line around them
    • Sometimes images have somewhat the same color as the background which makes is hard to differentiate them from each other and the background itself. It works a little bit confusing.
  • It would be nice if visitors could leave their email address for specific pages to get a notification when a page changes
    • There is a option called: 'subscribers Enable page subscription support' let's find out what it means


Since this site costs me money I'm trying to find ways to generate some money out of this.

Pages that haven't been started yet


  • Survival Advanced Training
  • Survival Training
  • Survival cooking training
  • Scotland with Pauline


  • Netware Bash
  • Verschil tussen GW nickname, alias en external entity, resource, user
  • Vmware alarms
  • How to create eDirectory schema extensions
  • Ntp/sles/vmware
  • autoyast
  • win 2008 ntp
  • aix 6.1 sudo root and the hardware database
    • savebase
  • GroupWise Course
  • NetWare basics Course


  • None at the moment


  • None at the moment

Page Missing

Is there a page you miss? Or is there something you really want more information about? Please write your suggestions below in the discussion field.
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